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Silver 3D


Silver 3D QUASAR screens, with the highest brightness (2.8) and vivid color in the market approved by RealD

Pearl 3D


Pearlized IRIDIUM 2D screens, with very high gain (3.4) for 2D and Dolby 3D digital cinema.

SoundMax-One 2D


Excellence in 2D image, with high gain gain (1.25) with the highest audio transparency.

Maxillusion screens have the most advanced technology in screens with very high brightness, with perfect light dispersion. Learn more about our products, and which technology is best suited to your business.



MAXILLUSION is the first company in the world to reform cinema screens, preventing tons of plastic from being dumped into nature.

We transform your used screen into a new SILVER 3D or pearled screen with the same image and warranty of a new screen because we recover the malleability properties of the material after we apply the optical layer with the same process as a new screen.

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Present in more than 700 movie theaters.

Maxillusion takes its technology to the best movie theaters in the country.

Currently we have more than 700 movie theaters, bringing the maximum experience to the audience.

Vivid and natural colors combined with high brightness and sharpness, translate our commitment to bring the best of cinema to you.

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MAXILLUSION is a 100% Brazilian company, with its own technology.

History: Thinking about producing a special screen that kept the light in bright environments, we started our studies in 2001 and we currently have the brightest screen on the market.

After the first demonstrations with the finished product in the NEC do Brasil Training room in São Paulo, the expansion was natural. Our product was developed with incessant practices and formula tests, until obtaining the best result in brightness and light dispersion.


Today we have more than 700 cinemas across Brazil in our portfolio.



The biggest event in Latin America focused on the film industry.

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